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Manual Wheelchair Rentals

When a surgery or illness reduces your mobility, you will often need help getting around the house or town. For many people, it doesn’t make sense to purchase a new wheelchair when they are not going to need it forever. In circumstances such as these a rental wheelchair is the best option.

At Complete Medical Care Supplies, we boast a huge collection of wheelchair rentals for customers in the area. Ranging from basic transport wheelchairs to advanced ultralight wheelchairs, we are here to meet your wheelchair needs.

With all of our wheelchairs offering comfort and safety, there is something for every budget. From lightweight and paediatric wheelchairs to rehab strollers, we cater to the needs of everybody.

Renting a wheelchair shouldn’t mean sacrificing comfort, quality or safety, which is why we take selecting only the best quality wheelchairs seriously. Our skilled technicians take extra care to ensure that every wheelchair is in immaculate condition before a customer collect it up for a rental.


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